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The feasibility of a high degree of tailings slurry thickening and deposition at limit the cost of tailings management in the existing area surface disposal of a highly floor with created cones with diameters of 7 to 8 m and heights of 0 5 to 1 m In conventional low concentration tailings slurry discharge from a pipeline or

Debottlenecking of thickeners in a changing environment Outotec

Thickeners are utilized in mineral processing for the purpose of solid liquid separation sedimentation as a cost effective method of solid liquid allow for higher solids loading than conventional thickeners gravity discharge may need pumping while thickeners inside the tank to the underflow cone and assist in


Sunkaier supplies conventional thickener and clarifier used in the chemical Underflow is removed from a discharge cone at the bottom center of the thickener

Paste A Maturing Technology EMJ

Aug 12 2011 Part of the 2 6 billion capital cost of developing Esperanza has been spent Deep cone thickeners are currently the best technology for achieving from the production and discharge of conventional low density slurries to

Paste technology for tailings management Amazon S3

thickening process the paste material exhibits a much greater stability than conventional tailings In the conventional tailings disposal system the tail tower resulting in a ridge or cone of tailings Figure 1 posal area even as the discharge is moving progres should be weighed against the cost of constructing and

Tailingsfo Thickened Tailings Storage A discussion

In conventional tailings deposition the beach slope is very low often around 1 less than 1 degree and facility design can be flexible if there is a slight variation in this parameter However for thickened tailings where the variation is often greater with increased beach slopes this can have a big impact on embankment design heights

The Future of Tailings Disposal CiteSeerX

to a widely accepted cost effective backfill method with the potential to radically when tested using a conventional concrete testing slump cone it does exhibit slump thickeners retain the tailings for longer and are higher which allows for the added treated locally prior to discharge at acceptable quality levels Run off

Using a Conductivity Level Probe for Thickener McGill University

Oct 3 1995 stream filtration plant dictated thickener discharge rates and therefore underflow withdrawal control 4 1 Kidd Creek Conventional Tails Thickener 50 a central discharge cone normally angled at 45° for the removal ofsolids multiple to the cost oftunnelling elevated tanks are generally preferred

Conventional Thickeners Solid Liquid Separation

The Conventional Thickener Click on the thumbnail The duty of the raking arms is to convey the settled solids from the entire area to the discharge cone of bridge type thickeners or the circumferential trough that surrounds the column of column type thickeners

blue plains advanced wastewater treatment plant DC Water

the Blue Plains discharge permit issued by the United States Environmental As the nitrogen limits are further reduced the price increases exponentially process that takes place in a cone shaped tank drinking water Solids thickening dewatering low and is considered near the limit of conventional treatment

Tailings Surface Paste Disposal

Cost savings from water recovery are the main driver to developing paste storage facilities to day management aspects are not as intense as conventional storage techniques for paste tailings discharge some manufacturers having high lead times High risk of not achieving paste from the installed paste thickeners

Patent US6758978 Deep bed thickener clarifiers with enhanced

Jul 6 2004 c an underflow discharge port adjacent said bottom of said vessel for Preferably this member includes cones or other downwardly reduces the cost of the thickener clarifier compared to conventional thickeners clarifiers

Conventional Thickeners

Conventional Thickeners are generally incorporated in heavy duty in many instances other considerations determine the selection such as the local cost of the dense underflow through a central discharge cone as in the bridge type or in

Tailings Co Disposal™ Innovations for Cost Savings and Ausenco

coordination between the tailings discharge and the waste rock placement compression thickener discharging tailings from a central spigot forming a flat cone Co disposal technology promises to replace conventional tailings disposal

Tailings Thickened Tailings Storage A discussion

Thickened surface discharge This is normally achieved by using compression or high rate thickeners or a combination of thickeners and filter presses do not require deep cone or paste thickening technology bleed water upon deposition The conventional storage facility was converted to HDTT to eliminate further


The strong increases in uranium spot prices in 1995 96 and the predicted shortfall in worldwide Both operations produce uranium by a conventional acid leach SX thickening of the tailings slurry and discharge through central risers to form a final tailings profile resembling a series of intersecting flat cones 4 3 2

Pulp paste and putty thickeners and flocculants for high density

Plant metallurgists or operators have also searched for cost effective ways to a tank to contain and compress the slurry including bottom cone or discharge drum density to a conventional thickener the smaller diameter high rate thickener

FL Flotation Agglomeration and Filtering Mining Technology

Gold prices on the rise what does this mean for miners EIMCO Deep Cone® paste thickeners deliver thick underflow that achieving a density between that of a conventional thickener and a filter used for concurrent and countercurrent cake formation cake discharge washing dewatering settling and drying

Alternative tailing disposal fact and fiction MWH Global

or deep cone thickeners to about 65 72 solids by Conventional tailing disposal Tailing materials are operating cost of paste thickeners and pumps

Deep Bed™ Paste Thickeners WesTech Engineering Inc

Over the years this thickening technology has evolved to produce a nonsettling solids suspension with underflow concentrations much higher than what is produced with conventional or high rate thickeners WesTech s Deep Bed™ Paste Thickener is the latest advancement in the evolution of this style of thickener

Paste Thickener Design to Achieve Downstream Requirements

Jul 11 2016 Compared to conventional thickening that produces settling slurry paste tailings height floor slope feedwell design and underflow discharge arrangements Each deposition site solution and transportation solution has a price tag further thickened to a paste in deep cone type paste thickener

Mechanical dewatering of navigation sediments CLU IN

Oct 7 2004 discussions of performance specifications and cost and several fact sheets INTRODUCTION The solids content of a typical dredge discharge Conventional upland thickener additional polymer may be required to further coagulate the A hydrocyclone is a cone shaped piece of equipment with no

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